Alas, the reason I have not posted lately is not due to being in a super-productive writing frenzy. It’s due to the fact that my DayJob is at a disaster recovery company. And it’s been hellacious out there. Even though I’m not front-line, the massive influx of work sloshes all the way back into the Accounting department. Plus: year-end tax issues.

Oh, and not to mention shoveling snow. Lots of it.

However -yay! – I am writing. Not as much as I’d want due to See Above, but progress is being made.

Oh, look! More storms on the way. Better hunker down…

Meanwhile, I invite you to enjoy the soothing ukulele stylings of Jake Shimabukuro, as he asks the musical question:

Can Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” be played on four strings?

2 Responses to “Storms”

  • Tracy Says:

    I LOVE TED talks, but had never heard of Jake Shimabukuro before. I will be listening to him again! That was awesome. So glad to have found your site. 😀

    • Rosemary Says:

      Tracy —

      I got turned on to Jake by my pal, writer Geary Gravel. I have no idea where he got clued in himself, but he directed me to this now-classic video of Jake playing Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” :

      Someday I’m going to sit down and play that on slo-mo, and copy every move on my guitar. Add a bass line for the lower two strings, and I’ll have a show-stopper.