Feb 1 2011

More Jake!


I listen to WUMB folk radio during at the DayJob, when I’m doing lots of straight data entry.

And I just heard a little promo for the NPR show World Cafe, which they carry, and Jake Shimabukuro is on it! You can listen now.

I’ve got it on in the background now, but it’s kind of noisy here… And I have to walk around in a minute. So I’ll turn it off and listen later at home.

But, you go right ahead!

Jan 30 2011



Alas, the reason I have not posted lately is not due to being in a super-productive writing frenzy. It’s due to the fact that my DayJob is at a disaster recovery company. And it’s been hellacious out there. Even though I’m not front-line, the massive influx of work sloshes all the way back into the Accounting department. Plus: year-end tax issues.

Oh, and not to mention shoveling snow. Lots of it.

However -yay! – I am writing. Not as much as I’d want due to See Above, but progress is being made.

Oh, look! More storms on the way. Better hunker down…

Meanwhile, I invite you to enjoy the soothing ukulele stylings of Jake Shimabukuro, as he asks the musical question:

Can Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” be played on four strings?