Aug 14 2011

Okay, I was wrong.


I thought it was over. I was mistaken. More Overtime.

Plus: Catsitting for friends in Fairfield results in two hours commute to the DayJob. Daily. As in, every day. Two hours. In a car.

Actually, I get some of my best ideas while riding long distances in a car… so, not a complete waste. I’ve stored up some stuff to use.

And of course, the world’s cuddliest cats (Winken  & Blinken) were waiting for me every evening.

I just address them both as "inken" and let them figure out the consonant themselves

Winken or possibly Blinken, your guess is as good as mine

Midway through the week, I sent the kitties’ owner this email:

Just thought I’d let you know that all is well here in kitty-land. Lots of hugs and cuddles, and your guest bed is sooo comfy!

Of course, the guys do miss you terribly. In fact, they went and got you a present!

I suggested flowers, but they had another idea….