Aug 31 2011

Time Marches On


Trying to cram in some writing time before the gym.

Or cram in some gym time after writing.

Starbucks.   Because it's there.

Starbucks. Because it's there.

Either way, by waiting I miss the most crowded times. I’m surrounded by people all day long at the DayJob, and just do NOT want to work out in a big crowd!

Current audiobook getting me through my workout: Terry Pratchett’s The Fifth Elephant. I seem to be on a Pratchett binge lately.

The music at Starbuck’s is particularly annoying today.

We survived the hurricane just fine — only lost power for a couple of hours. Nothing broke, nothing blew away. Some tree branches that were formerly up are now down, but they weren’t big, and nothing important was beneath them.

Other parts of the state did not fare so well. We’re inland, and the Shore got hit the worst in Connecticut. A lot of my co-workers are still without electricity.

Ack! Time’s up!