Apr 27 2012

I’m fine




Must now replace car.

Kinda puts a kink in one’s monetary plans, know what I mean? Some plans, out the window.


The first car I ever bought brand new. And probably the last.

Apr 21 2012

While I am otherwise occupied


Still here. And still in the process of sorting out life without all the DayJob overtime.

So far, I’m liking it! But you knew that.

Many things to catch up on, as you might guess.

While I’m otherwise occupied, here’s something that author & pal Geary Gravel brought to my attention.

The song’s by Gotye, but I prefer this version by Walk Off the Earth.

(Be sure to click on the red word-balloon icon on the bottom of the vid, so you’re not overwhelmed with concert dates and annotations.)

More later….

Apr 15 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks for me.


And people like me.

Maybe you.



Apr 12 2012

Recent admired quote from a friend’s blog.


It seemed that God hadn’t been doing that much for me lately. It was time to try the circus.




(I won’t name the person unless she wants to out herself in the comments, as it’s not an entirely public blog…)