Aug 24 2012

Silent on the subject of Worldcon because…


I’ve been silent on the subject of the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago Labor Day weekend, because, alas, I’m not attending this year. The cost of getting there, staying there, and membership was just too steep for my current cashflow this time around.

I plan to take the 3-day weekend to write instead! Possibly whilst hiding out at some less-expensive nearby place.

But I seriously plan to attend next year’s Worldcon — Plus, if London wins its bid for the 2014 Worldcon, I will absolutely be there if I have to quit my job, sell my car, and trade my sister’s dog for a rowboat! I WILL GO TO LONDON.

Meanwhile, I’ll just be slightly jealous of my friends, acquaintances, and admired authors who are going to Worldcon this year.

People like:

Jo Walton

John Scalzi

Catherynne M. Valente

Eleanor Arnason

Joe Haldeman

George R. R. Martin

Robert Reed

Walter H. Hunt

Okay, that’s enough of me listing them — go ahead and look at the whole list.

Worldcons are wonderful fun, and inspiring, and enlightening, and goofy; and they are places where you make friends for life, or for an evening; where you learn about new writers, and hear the latest rumors, and see amazing art; and sometimes fall in love.

Oh, and you get to watch them give out the Hugo awards! In person!

You should go, if you can.