Your shadow on Mars

You are what you do.  We did this.

You are what you do.

Yes, it’s your shadow.

Every made object is a crystallized thought. A human thinks it, builds it, and that thought is forever after an object in the world with mass, form — an idea made permanent.

And every machine is crystallized intention. We know what we want to do, what actions we want to take place; and we take raw matter, and teach to to enact — and there it stands, there it moves, there it goes, to Mars.

When our eyes can’t see far enough, we build new eyes.

When our bodies can’t travel the distance, we make new bodies, and fill them with our thoughts and intentions, give them new eyes, and new voices.

Our eyes, our voices, our curiosity.

That’s your shadow on Mars.

3 Responses to “Your shadow on Mars”

  • Lindig Says:

    Nicely put (you writer, you). I watched it live and was thrilled.

  • Nonesuch Says:

    THAT’S my shadow?? Cool–the new diet is obviously working!

  • Sabine Says:

    Eloquent and inspiring words. “Crystallized intention.”. You’re making me think first thing in the morning!

    Now I wish I’d stayed up. As I listened to the news on my way to work I was so thrilled to hear how well it went, and how much cheering and excitement from the people who worked so hard on the project.

    It’s interesting to me that this happened during the Olympics. I really don’t care much about sports competitions, but I like the inspirational stories that we hear during the event. Hard work and determination. Sometimes you get a medal, sometimes you don’t. But none of the athletes say their work was all wasted even if they don’t get the gold.

    On Monday morning NASA got the gold.