The best source for your steerswomanly needs


It’s that gift-giving season again and, as has become traditional, I’ve waited until almost too late to remind people that I’m a writer, and that you can buy my books as gifts for your friends and family!


traditional Kirstein Christmas Zebra

On the door.

Two ways to buy:

METHOD 1 – DIRECT FROM ME: I have copies of the stand-alone mass-market version of The Steerswoman(British edition w/ spooky cover) for $15 which includes Priority shipping (3 business days) anywhere in the US. (Outside the US, cost for shipping would be based on destination.)



british steerswoman has a suspicious gaze

Brit edition!

Also, I have copies of The Lost Steersmanfor $20 including Priority shipping in the US.  (Again, outside the US, cost for shipping would depend on destination.  It costs something like $80 to get to New Zealand!)


cover by cliff Neilsen

The Lost Steersman is currently out of print — so if you buy it through Amazon, you’d be buying from a rare-books dealer, and paying extra bucks. The same is true of the stand-alone version of The Steerswoman (“stand-alone” meaning: not as part of the Steerswoman’s Road omnibus that combines it with The Outskirter’s Secret.)

Those are the only two books currently available from me.    To buy from me, email me at, and we’ll sort out addresses and payment method. (Coming soon: Paypal button! But not quite yet, so email until then.)

METHOD 2 – AMAZON.COM: For copies of The Steerswoman’s Road and The Language of Power, your best bet is  (If you gasp as the price of The Steerswoman’s Road, just remember that it’s two books in one: The Steerswoman and The Outskirter’s Secret. Double-sized!)

So, it’s not too late!


6 Responses to “The best source for your steerswomanly needs”

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    I have sent you email!

  • Stav Says:

    Hello Ms. Kirstein,
    I’ve read all 4 of the Steerswoman books from the library and enjoyed them greatly. I’d love to own them, but as I’m doing more and more of my reading on an e-reader I prefer to wait until they are available as ebooks. Are there any plans to release electronic versions of them anytime soon?

    • Rosemary Says:

      Stav —

      There are indeed plans to release them ALL as ebooks, and things are currently in process. They won’t be ready for Christmas, alas, and we don’t even have a date written in stone yet — but I can say now that you should look for them early next year.

      Watch this space for upcoming details…

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    Yay again! That would be very nice.

  • Ulli Says:

    I’m glad ebooks are in progress. I’ve been wanting to read the books again in forever. But what with constantly moving I lost my copies years ago. And though I love the series and love supporting it constantly buying new copies would be a bit of a strain. 😉

  • pointoforigin Says:

    Those covers are still pretty (and striking). ; )