Back from an undisclosed location…


Actually, the  location is easily disclosed: I was at home…

It rained.



But I was at home with 3 days off from the DayJob, wrapped around a weekend, making a full 5-day run of nothing but what I wanted to work on, at all and any hour of the day.   Very similar to my intermittent writing retreats to undisclosed locations, except that no actual travel was involved.

Plus:  My sister had gone off for to North Carolina for a conclave of friends and a hike then another visit with friends.  For exactly the same five days, plus some extra at the end.   An entire house (well, condo) all to myself!

So I hunkered down, worked on stuff, kept foolish hours, wrote and spent a bunch of time on necessary writing-related chores and activities.     And I did some local hiking.   I need to get as much of that in as I can before the winter sets in…

Then, of course, the payback came when I got to work and found urgent messages, and knotted problems, and  — you get the picture.   Crazy-time.

Totally worth it, though.



This was without a doubt the tallest complete rainbow I have ever seen, occurring exactly at sunset.

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