Dec 24 2013

Fixed and live!


The corrections have been made, and the corrected version is now live on  Anyone who bought it after  9:27PM on December 24th has the version with the fixes.

I’ve asked Amazon to email everyone who bought the earlier version, and to activate their ability to download the corrections.   This has to be done on Amazon’s end.    Since I bought a copy for myself, I’ll know when those emails go out.

I’m beat!

Plus: in proper German tradition, we did our present exchange on Christmas Eve.  Sabine is now the proud possessor of the DVD’s for the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, and the third season will be delivered to her as soon as it’s released!

I received a device that carbonates your tap-water, so you can make your own sodas, which will help me out with the immense amounts of water they want me to drink when the chemo starts.

And also this:


No, not a copy of The Steerswoman -- the iPad it's on!

No, not a copy of The Steerswoman — the iPad it’s on!

I’m stunned!  This will help me a LOT when I’m stuck in chemo and want to write, since my actual laptop has all the bells and whistles and as a result weighs a ton.  The iPad will be much more portable.

Whew.   Whirlwind of publishing the book; being told of the errors (ack!); fixing the errors; upload, emailing Amazon to get them to send out the emails and stuff.  Plus: actual Christmas.

Okay, I’m done for the night.

Merry holiday of your choice occurring around this time of year!





Dec 24 2013

Wierdest damn thing.


So… that error.

Faithful reader Sean commented to let me know that the mysterious “With” had showed up again elsewhere.  As “Withd.”

After much investigation, I discovered that the problem was with the word “replace”.   The word “replace” had been globally replaced with the word “With”.   As in the middle of “fireplace.” Or “replaced”, or “replacements.”

Very odd..

So, I went to Scrivener’s conversion control screens and found that the Replacements screen had somehow cloned its own column headers into the column contents.   So that under Replace it had “Replace”, and under With it had “With.”  Since it executes these things on compile only my original document was perfectly clean!  It only showed up in the actual Kindle .mobi file.

Now, I had previously compiled the Kindle .mobi, and at that point I’d scrutinized it within an inch of its life, and no such error existed.  Thus, I already knew that it was clean, clean, clean —

So, I just added my brand new ISBN number to the front matter, and compiled one more time.

And that’s when it happened.  Unknown to me, every instance of “replace” got changed to “With.”  FiWith.  Withd.  Withment.

I think there was a Scrivener program update between my last scrutinization of output, and my final with-ISBN compile.  Might have happened then.

So… updates with corrections are now updating.

Insert sigh of both relief and frustration.

Amazon will be sending out an email to all owners of the book with instructions on how to get the updated version.  Also, I’ll let you know here.

Upside:  I made all the fire-places be fireplaces again.  Much better.



Dec 24 2013

Error! Error!


Yep, there’s an error in your copy of The Steerswoman ebook!

But it will be updated shortly!

Faithful reader Joanna (last name withheld, in case she doesn’t want it posted), noticed that the word “fireplace” does not appear anywhere in the ebook, but seems to have been been replaced with “fiWth”.

And she’s right!

My actual file in Scrivener has “fireplace”.  The compiled ebook has “fiWth”.

I recompiled.   Same thing happened!

I physically deleted “fireplace” and replaced it by hand with “fireplace” — this in case there were hidden control codes in the previous “fireplace,” possibly due to scanning errors from the OCR program.

Compiled again.


Typed in the word “fireplace” at a location in the book where there are no fireplaces mentioned for pages and pages.  Recompiled.



Replaced all every instance of “fireplace” with “fire-place.”  Recompiled.


I do believe that “fire-place” is an acceptable alternate spelling.   I’m gonna go with it.

Good news:  I can upload the corrected version to Kindle, and it should be fixed in 24 hours.

Other good news: those of you who purchased the version with the error can re-download the corrected version.  I’ll get you the details on that in a bit.  And I’ll let you know when the updated version is live.

I must say: big advantage over print versions.

Now: forget about these piddling details and have a Merry Christmas!

PS: If anybody notices any other peculiarities in the book — please let me know!  At your convenience, that is — don’t be texting at the dinner table on Christmas!