Quick informal poll


Just curious…  Where did you first hear about my books?

I’ve asked this question on Twitter, so if you answered it there, don’t feel you have to answer again… but if you did, and want to elaborate beyond Twitter’s character limit, feel free!

I’m just trying to get a sense of what is my most effective method of reaching new readers.  You were once a new reader, so you’ve got the scoop!

I’ve set the website so that you can answer with complete anonymity.  The reply form will ask you for your name and email, but you can leave those spaces blank, and your reply will get posted regardless.

Or you can make up an entirely new name!  My website will not judge you.

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79 Responses to “Quick informal poll”

  • Anami Says:

    I found your books looking at recommended fiction on Feminist Frequency.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Found Your books on recomandations in amazon

  • Anonymous Says:

    Reimind me of ‘snare’ by katharine kerr

  • Anonymous Says:

    Stumbled across Steerswoman’s Road in my local independent bookstore (now defunct).

  • Anonymous Says:

    Recommended by Amazon

  • Kate Field Says:

    I found out about you from Jo Walton’s post on Tor.com, too, but well after the fact; I also remember seeing one of the books years ago on a center table in Borders and being intrigued–wish I’d gone ahead and bought it then; I’d have read them all multiple times by now if I had.

  • Walter Underwood Says:

    I was intrigued by Jo Walton’s review at tor.com, so I put them my gift list and my wife got them for me for Christmas. They are wonderful.


  • Erin Wilson Says:

    Amazon, by searching the “Customers Who purchased this also viewed…” list. Good call on Amazon’s part, or rather Amazon customers.

  • Thomas Says:

    On a rainy at the German coast i was looking for some souveniers. Just by chance i looked on the bookshelve and found a German version of one of the books. I have two rather adventurous girls which like reading, so i title with “Steuerfrau” catched my interest and i bought it. I did read it ( my girls not). I recommended it to a collegue who is herself a sailing instructure. She also kept fire and told me: did you know that this not the beginning, but in the mid of a series …
    I managed to get also the older books via ebay – this was the only way in Germany that time. And now i’m in the croud waiting for the next book.

  • Jon Says:

    I heard about your books from Jo Walton’s blog. Now I try to get others to try them by word of mouth. 🙂

  • Anonymous Says:

    Jo Walton at tor.com

  • KatrinaK Says:

    I’m fairly sure I simply walked into whatever bookstore was handy at the time the first one was new, found it on the shelf and thought “Gee, this looks good. I’ll buy it.”

  • Ron Mc Says:

    I honestly can’t say I remember – Amazon helpfully tells me that I purchased The Lost Steersman in 2004, so I am assuming I had come across your two earlier novels beforehand (and probably read them via interlibrary loan, which I tend to do with an author who is new to me). On that assumption, I’m assuming I read a review somewhere along the line . . . (not really helpful I realize)

  • Sean Says:

    I saw it tucked between a thousand other books in my favourite second-hand store and I took a leap of faith and bought it. No regrets, obviously, but the poor thing feel apart during the time I spent with it.

  • Dave Says:

    A friend recommended your books to me.

  • Ivy Says:

    2 different sources. someone on my friend’s list did a re-read of the four books a month or so ago, which made me curious. Around the same time, I somehow stumbled upon the Jo Walton review on Tor.com. I read all 4 last week & loved them! I’m now trying to figure out how I missed out on reading them when they were first published.

  • Deb Says:

    I worked in a B. Dalton. When I opened up the box, I grabbed a copy to buy before they even made the shelf. Loved them from the start.

  • Lena Says:

    Recommended from a friend. I loved your books very much!
    Will there be a number 6?

  • Joshua Says:

    I found The Language of Power on the sci fi shelf at the library years ago, and after reading and enjoying it, looked up the author and found it wasn’t the first book in the series. 🙂

  • Ian Humphrey Says:

    Just to show that my memory was correct


  • David Says:

    The cover of The Steerswoman caught my eye – the fallen future where tech is magic is one I often find interesting.
    Soon, I had forgotten the premise, and tracked down the other books on the web.
    I was very happy to buy ebooks of all four now that they are available.

  • David Tate Says:

    I think it was on Usenet, on rec.arts.sf.written, possibly in a posting by Wayne Throop, 20(?) years ago. If not, it would have been the late lamented Alexandria Digital Literature recommendation engine, Hypatia.

  • Jake Ivey Says:

    I bought the first one in 1989 when it hit the shelves — the cover caught my eye, loved the concept as described in the blurb, then loved the book. Bought each subsequent one as it came out. Vaguely wondered what happened to you (people do wander off this mortal coil over the years), and was pleased to stumble over your posting (not even sure how now, but maybe through browsing through Amazon) about cancer and being back to work on the next one. I hope that particular bullet is well and truly dodged, and you continue to have words.

  • Mary P Gilmour Says:

    I am on my second copy of all of your Steerswoman books – and reread them. Every time I do, I look, hopefully, for the next in the series. And your blog tells me why I am not finding one. I hope your health improves dramatically and soon, both for your sake and for mine. I am an old lady and I want to know what happens (!) very badly. You are a terrific writer and your characters are so real that I worry about them frequently.
    How did I find your books? Recommended by a friend of my daughter’s when they first came out.

  • john Says:

    wow not sure I remember either new at book store or in a used book store.

    found this blog while looking for the next book.

    hope your recovery continues well.

  • Esmarie Says:

    Amazon sends me a short list of books each week or so to consider reading. It’s rare that I’ll purchase an e-book, being rather financially strapped, but it was under $5, and I was mildly intrigued. According to Amazon I purchased the first book on July 14. I read it, and purchased the second book on July 15. Which I also read and immediately purchased the third book, also on the 15. The fourth I purchased on July 16. I’m not honestly sure I slept during those three days…

  • Scott Laz Says:

    I tried The Steerswoman based on the essay in Damien Broderick and Paul di Filippo’s book Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010. Just came to check out your blog after finishing the book, and from your poll results it doesn’t look like anyone else found it that way. Looking forward to finishing the series…

  • Marie Says:

    Recommanded on Goodreads based on what I’ve already read.