Oct 29 2014

It’s everywhere (pretty much)!


Just a clarification:  The ebooks of the Steerswoman series are available from lots of outlets, not just Amazon and Smashwords.

There’s Barnes & Noble (for Nooks)…

And Kobo…

And iBooks (I can’t create a live link for that — you need an iPad or Mac or iPod or iPhone to even access the iBooks store — but if you head over there and search, you’ll find the books)…

And Baker & Taylor Blio, and Scribd, and Flipkart, and — well basically, if you have an ebook distributor you use regularly, just check to see if the books are there.  Chances are, they will be.

Oct 29 2014

Joshua A.C. Newman’s review of the Steerswoman Series


Joshua A.C. Newman just posted a really lovely review of the series — and includes an excellent steerswoman-like sketch of a Demon.  You should pop over and take a look.

Joshua is a book designer, independent publisher, artist, and writer.  A very busy gentleman, apparently, and I’m pleased he took the time out to post his thoughts, as they are especially perceptive!

(A minor correction — he says that the Kindle ebooks of the series have DRM – they don’t.)

(In case that’s a deal-breaker for you…)

(Must rush off to Day Job now…)

(Really  Must.  Right now.)