Nov 7 2014

No internet at the office


New office! A lot remains to be done, of course… at the moment the biggest lack is the Internet. I won’t get service until sometime next week.

Of course, I am SO behind on NaNoWriMo… too much of last week was eaten up with signing things, packing things, having burly men move objects from one location to another, and regular Day Job duties. I still get tired, but I’m so much improved. My office being on the third floor with no elevator should help me get a little exercise.

Meanwhile, for a bit of inspiration, BoingBoing has a short post by Welcome to Night Vale’s co-creator Jeffrey Cranor, wherein he reveals the secret to success in the arts.

Must stop now — I’m blogging from the Day Job, which is not exactly forbidden,  but possibly only because it hasn’t occurred to them that anyone might be doing it. They’re rather 20th-century around here…