Nov 11 2014

Say hello to my little friends, Nyquil and Dayquil


Knocked flat by what is either a really bad cold, the flu, or one of my very rare allergy attacks which I only get when I do something that essentially has me practically bathing in dust, which hey!  That’s exactly what I’ve been doing between moving stuff out of my basement and bedroom and into an office in a very old building!  What a coincidence.

I really don’t have much in the way of allergies, but if you hit me hard enough with stuff, I’ll eventually crack.

The doc thinks it’s not the flu, but notes that there is something “going around.”   I was a little worried about being in the chemotherapy suite among people who might have compromised immune systems; but they just put me at the far end, and requested that I not cough on anyone.  It was slow, anyway, with just a few fellow travelers, so it wasn’t hard to stay to myself.

I did, however, sleep during chemo, which I rarely do.   I’m famous for spending chemo time with my tablet or laptop or Kindle… Instead, I just tried not to snore too much, and shambled home afterwards.

I feel cheated!  I’m supposed to be NaNoWriMo-ing up a storm!

Well, at least I’m refreshing my acquaintance with the Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series.  The first three seasons are free to Amazon Prime members for online streaming.   If you haven’t seen it, you really should check it out.  It is delightful in so many ways.

Not to be confused with the Last Airbender live-action movie, which, if you saw it, you should now hit yourself on the head with a hammer repeatedly until you forget.  And then watch the series.

Must go sleep now, with a goodnight kiss from Nyquil…