She’s up!


I now have internet access at my office!  (My own, non-day job office, that is.)  Seems okay so far.

I’m using the FreedomPop service, which allows you to not have a contract.   The router gets its signal  via 4G rather than through any dedicated phone or cable line.

I wanted a no-contract option, since it’s possible that this office won’t work at all, and I didn’t want to commit to a year’s worth of internet to get a decent deal.

I can’t yet officially endorse it, as I’ve only been using it for an hour or so.   I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, still feeling blah, but I’m trying to hit NaNoWriMo a little harder, regardless.

In other news: the freakin’ freight elevator is out of order again!  I need to get some more furniture in here, and it’s two flights up.

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