Apr 19 2015

Seventeen things


I was feeling completely overwhelmed by everything that needed my attention, and harked back to my productivity training, deciding to make a list.

I discovered that there were seventeen discrete things, each of which was waiting for a decision before any actual action could be taken.

Upside: I now have a list of seventeen decisions to make.   Lists can be ranked by priority, and assigned time frames; amorphous clouds of responsibilities and expectations and duties and desires are much harder to tackle.

In other news: Hey, if you got a voice mail saying that someone whose office was on the same floor as yours passed by your office door and saw that you had left the window open, and that papers were blowing around everywhere, and that on top of that it’s going to rain after midnight tonight, so they hoped you would get this message before all the rain blows in and ruins your papers and furniture; and you then got the message and went to your office and closed the window, thus saving papers and furniture from ruin —

If, all that… wouldn’t you then, say, knock on the door of the helpful person who was nice enough to alert you to the problem, and oh, I don’t know, say “Thanks!”

Because the first part happened, but the last, oddly, didn’t.  I was right there. They walked in, walked by, walked out, not a word.