Wait, what? Forbes?


(Quick post during my lunch hour…)

So, remember Chad Orzel?   Author, physicist, blogger, one of the organizers of the Schrodinger Sessions — you know, that guy.

Well, he also does a science blog for Forbes online…

And yesterday he posted an article on good examples of science in science fiction…

Yep.  There I am.

(If you click through to the second page, there’s even a cover shot!)


This is lovely.   The general readership of Forbes might not run in to my books in the usual course of their day — and now they’ve had me brought to their attention by a genuine scientist.   It absolutely made my day.

Oh, and bragging rights?   Just the sort of thing to make those of my acquaintances who are not heavily into SF/F fandom sit up and notice.    They know I write “that stuff” — but a mention in Forbes?  Heh.

(Must get back to the Day Job.  More later.)



5 Responses to “Wait, what? Forbes?”

  • bnanno Says:

    You totally deserve it 🙂

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    Woohoo, you’re famouser and respecteder!

    Completely awesome.

  • Lindig Says:

    Hot damn! Congrats to you, and to him for recognizing your excellence.

  • Jo Says:

    Holy cow! Congratulations! Of course we, your fans, already know how great your books are. You are wracking up some pretty nice bragging rights. I noticed that The Steerswoman was on the Kindle #1 seller list the other day!

  • Michael Norrish Says:

    I just binged on 4 Steerswomen novels thanks to that piece. Thanks for four awesome books!