Dec 4 2015

Remember when I said that I thought my day-job days might be numbered?


Turns out: they were, though not by me.

Yep.  I was fired!

Reason given: downsizing.  Actual reason: who knows?   But I did know that the company was letting some people go — since I’m the one who enters workers’ time-card info into our computer system, it’s hard for me to not notice when there are fewer people, and less hours.

And given that other departments were being cut, and our department consisted of two people plus our manager (and the manager sure wasn’t going to be fired),  that makes it a  50% chance that any cut in Accounting would be a cut of me, out of the picture.

Well, I’d rather it was me than my co-worker.   A job loss would hit her much harder than it hits me.   Plus: her job includes making collection calls, and if they fired her, I’d have to do those calls.   Which I would refuse to do. And I’d be fired!  So, just as well.   Still, one wonders how how Accounting will do with half the staff?

Fortunately: Not my problem!

And of course, you know that I’ve been wanting to get away from that place.  I’d have preferred to have some warning, instead of being told at 4:10 that today was my last day.   No 2-weeks notice, no severance pay, just my last paycheck including unused sick days, and — bye-bye.

Also, I think it’s — how shall I put it?  –  cheesy that my boss did not tell me personally.  She almost certainly knew all day, but nevertheless allowed me burble on and on about the upcoming Christmas party, and our plans for decorating the office, and how much I was interested in  how the company was going to fare under the changes in management — exactly as if nothing was amiss.  And then, she left at 4PM, allowing HR to do the deed.

As it turns out, our HR department consists of one person, who happens to be one of my top 3  favorite people at that company.

Sad task for her, but when she gave me the news, I basically laughed.

I mean, gotta laugh, right?

Come on, I’m just leaving sooner than I thought I would!  Big deal.

Sure, I would have liked to have more plans in place, to have it all lined up.

Still, I’m out.   As of NOW.

It hasn’t exactly hit me, yet, for real.  Know when it will hit me?

Right: Tuesday.   Because my work week was Tuesday through Friday, so Monday just will feel like my usual writing day at my writing office…

But Tuesday, when I would normally be back at That Place — that’s when my subconscious will sit up and say, Hey, wait a minute…

Fortunately, I have champagne in my office beverage fridge.

And it’s the good kind, too!