Dec 8 2015

And in the grand tradition of adding injury to insult, I’m down with a cold.


I hope it’s a cold, and not the flu.

Still, could be worse — I could be down with a cold and still be working the Day Job from the Black Lagoon.  So, I win again.

I spent all of yesterday sorting out what I needed to do to sign up for unemployment, and then signing up;  and most of today digging through Connecticut’s Affordable Care Act health insurance website.  I’ve got some options, and I’ll fill out the final form online tomorrow when my brain is not coughed into jelly. You gotta be sharp when dealing with  stuff like that.   One wrong move, and you’ve done something quite different from what you intended.   It’s so easy for wires to get crossed…

But I did break out the champagne, as planned:

The good stuff.

The good stuff.

Fortunately, my office is exactly two miles from home and I’m only drinking one glass, so  I should be fine driving.   Also fortunately, I have one of those caps you can put on an opened bottle of champagne to reseal it, so none of that stuff is going to waste!

My great thanks to everyone who posted comments of support, commiseration, and encouragement on the previous entry.  Eighteen of you here, and a few more on Facebook, and a few others on Twitter — it’s good to know you’re out there, cheering me up and on.

And everyone is asking about Patreon or Kickstarter, or other varieties of crowd-sourcing.   All info is welcome!  But I must say that both Patreon and Kickstarter are high on my list.

Here’s my immediate plan:

Take the rest of December to settle in, cool down, clear away the mess and attendant chores, gear up, get into focus, and also deal with the holidays.

Decisions are to be made in January; and action on those decisions, depending on the natural time-line of the decisions themselves.

(Excuse me.  Make that two glasses of champagne.)

Meanwhile, in other news:

After being fired on Friday, I headed up to Boston overnight with my sister, to catch the Boston Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker with pals I’ve known since  — well, since Disco.  Seriously: disco.

Dude on the left, with the mustache? Major former disco fiend. Major.

Dude in back on the left, with the mustache? Major former disco fiend.

This was a previously planned event.   Also, a nice Christmas present, thanks to Brian and Mary Ann and Sabine.   It was nice to just walk away from the Old Day Job and head up into a world of art and elegance:

Well-decorated and festive.

Well-decorated and festive.

The experience was so lovely, and the Boston Ballet really know their stuff.

But — alas, my cold is hitting me a bit hard suddenly!  (Or maybe it’s the champagne.)  So, I’m heading home.

More later.

Curtain going up.

Curtain going up.