And wishing you a merry, um.. pearlmageddon?


Yesterday, as I arrived at my office, I noticed they were putting up Christmassy-type lights in the windows of the second floor.    That’s nice, thought I.

The left half of the second floor is empty, after Kandu Beads had to move, due to the town getting all grumpy about their roadside sign.  They’re in a better location now, anyway.   But that leaves their space empty and dark.   So, I assumed that it was building management doing some holiday decorating.

But when I left for the night, I saw the result:

That's what it says...

That’s what it says…

Had a little conversation  about it with the guy who comes by most evenings to walk his dog.   He was as perplexed as I.

Those lower-case “d’s” disturbed me.     I felt there was some secret meaning to all this.

Possibilities were three:

  1. Someone can’t spell!  I blame the educational system.
  2. A new fringe doomsday cult, but with bling.
  3. A huge party/promotional event put on by a handmade jewelry company that allows you to personally select an actual oyster, which they will then open to find the pearl that you just bought for your custom jewelry.  With music.  BYOB.

Okay, I cheated: I googled it.

Apparently, the mayhem starts in a couple of hours.  I wish them all the best.

Other news:  Still sick with this horrible cough/congestion massive sore throat, and still livin’ on DayQuil and NyQuil.  If it’s not gone by next week, I’ll drop by the doctor’s office.

Also: dealing with the Dreaded Chores of Officialdom, as relates to losing one’s job and changing health coverage.

Got a little update note from my former co-worker, to the effect that the Old Employers are scrambling, trying to figure out on whom to dump all my former tasks. Heh.

And thanks again to you all, for your comments here and on Facebook, with encouragement and information!   I have much to mull over.



6 Responses to “And wishing you a merry, um.. pearlmageddon?”

  • bawa Says:

    Ginger tea. A few slices of fresh ginger root, boiled for at least 5 min, use it to make any tea or infusion. Old Indian remedy to stop incipient colds from starting and feel better if you already have one. 4-5 times a day.

    Note: dried ginger and teabags of ginger tea will Not Do.

  • pointoforigin Says:

    Oh, so sorry you have the cold from hell. Half the music department at my UU church was sick today–including me–but we merrily Grinched away as best we could. Now I’m back home with my throat lozenges and kleenex. I think my cold is finally on its way out, but it’s been 10 days. I hope yours is going very soon! I’m sure your internal bouncers are working diligently to show it the door!

  • A Says:

    And here I thought it was fans of Pearl from Steven Universe having some kind of big bonanza. The third possibility sounds pretty cool, though.

    May the Dreaded Chores of Officialdom quail before your germy might!

  • Mage Bailey Says:

    I agree with A. Did they have fun?
    Hope you have the insurance stuff fixed.
    Hugs for the season.