Merriment for all!


Hoping that the seasonal holiday of your choice is going as well as ours!

In our house, we follow the German tradition of prezzies arriving under the tree on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas day.







Plush pals in lieu of pets.  Someone has to be waiting eagerly!

My best to all you amazing people — and to all your own amazing people.

3 Responses to “Merriment for all!”

  • Lindig Says:

    And the best to you and yours, too! May the next year be good to all of us.

  • Ben Says:

    Happy Holidays 😉

    I gifted myself some 11/12th century Japanese literature. Totally not a hint that I’ve kind of run out of current things to read and some nice, new contemporary works would be appreciated … 😉

  • Joan August Says:

    My best present was seeing you, Sabine, and the gang in Boston. I hope you have a healthy and Happy New Year!