Apr 22 2010

George Scithers, 1929-2010


George Scithers bought my first short story, for Asimov’s magazine, way back in 1982. I met him once, briefly, at a convention a few years later. He did not remember me, but no matter — he’s the guy who put me in the same issue as Greg Benford, Connie Willis, John M. Ford, along with a then-brand-new story by Asimov himself.

He read what I wrote and liked it, at a time when I hardly knew myself as a writer. He gave me money for it, which made me a professional. He indicated the sort of people who I should consider my colleagues (other writers, GOOD writers). Helped me see where I should be headed.

I’m so sorry he’s gone.

No, my name's not on the cover.

That's what I called myself then