Nov 27 2010



I got a chickadee to take a sunflower seed from my hand.

The feeder was full, but all the Good Stuff had been picked away. So I stood right by the feeder with the Good Stuff in my hand.

Standing near the feeder drives the bigger birds away, as they are slow, and doubt their ability to escape a predator who’s Right There. Chickadees, however, are so damn fast that they know they can’t be caught. They actually like it when I’m near the feeder, since the bigger birds can’t chase them off if the bigger birds aren’t there.

This might have been the same fellow who was checking out my shoelaces the other day. Several chickadees were around, yelling at me in Dee, but only one slowly closed in, came in for a landing, made his selection, and flutt-ed off.

I must say: Chickadee toes. Weird sensation.