Jan 23 2016

Time. Plus: tea.


I finally got clear of that whatever-it-was.   I cough only occasionally now, and sometimes feel worn out — but basically: better.

I find myself vastly frustrated that I lost an entire week. I had  plans for that time, and I won’t get it back.  And I do feel that clock ticking these days…

It doesn’t help that people still keep passing away.   Sabine and I discussed it and came to the conclusion that it’s a January thing.  People hang on through the holidays… And then: January.

Our latest loss: Editor David Hartwell.   I did not know him well, but he was a presence in our field, and we chatted a couple of times at convention parties, years ago.  Any time he was in a room, you knew he was there!  The ties helped, and the jackets.   He was well-loved by many, well-respected by most, and someone to whom I was certain I’d one day submit a story, or book or something… won’t have the chance, now.

Here’s a poem Jo Walton wrote in his honor.

I’ve decided that, instead of being sad at all this passing-away, I shall be defiant.

In aid of that, here’s Alan Rickman making a cup of tea, in a video that neatly encapsulates my reaction to all of this.

You know, I think I should view that regularly.

Back to work.