Feb 11 2013

Of course, it’s all about the snow.


We were right in the path of the worst of the snowfall.  I haven’t seen the official count, but Sabine had to make her way from the back door to the front yard, and she was in up to her waist.   Call it 30  inches (about .76 meters to the rest of the world).

Upside:  The Dayjob was closed down — yay!  Day off!

Downside:  I spent hours and hours shoveling snow.

When not shoveling snow or drying off from shoveling snow, or sitting about in an exhausted stupor from shoveling snow,  I’ve been making my auction item for the Con or Bust auction (which is taking place right now).    I’m doing another hand-bound book, but of a different design than last time.  It’s experimental.   I hope it works.  I’ll let you know when it makes its debut.    Right now the innards are being compressed by my bookpress; the handmade paper is rather, –how shall I say it — idiosyncratic.   Each sheet has its own idea of how it’s going to warp and bend, and damn the neighbors!

Meanwhile, you should head over to Con or Bust and see what’s on offer!   Some seriously fine things or fun things can be had, and the money goes to a good, SF-related cause!