Nov 19 2013



Yep, still here, and still cracking down on the writing, so blogs remain a bit sparse on the ground lately.

It’s been about four months now that I’ve been pushing especially hard, and it’s quite a tug-of-war with the DayJob. I’ve been slipping in to work a bit late most days, but so far either they don’t mind, don’t care, or don’t notice. Or possibly they do notice, but also notice that I always stay a proportionate amount of time late to make up for it.

I’m actually there now, putting in some extra time to pre-catch up for the Thanksgiving holiday, when I have THE ENTIRE WEEK OFF, HOORAY!

I’m doing my usual thing of skipping all the trad celebrations and just living as a writer for the whole time. I can’t afford to get away to any undisclosed locations this time around, but my sister is kindly vacating for part of the week, which means that I can be as absorbed, abstracted and antisocial as I need to be! This, by me, is fun.

It’s been getting colder — so alas, my woody nook won’t be usable for much longer. I try to get outside whenever I can, but mostly it’s been cave-bear mode, since there’s no longer any sunlight when I get home.

Just before the last leaves fell, some of which, oddly, were pink.

Just before the last leaves fell, some of which, oddly, were pink.


Meanwhile, Sabine and Ann are still NaNoWriMo-ing.   Lots of writing going on around our house — and the library, and Starbucks, and at lunch on the DayJob, and all that.   We are dedicated!


Here’s something I found on the ground by my cement bench (as seen above) the other day:


Persistence.  It's what's for dinner.

Assiduous critters abound.


This nut is empty. There is exactly one hole in the nut, and you’re looking at it.

Yeah. You don’t need me to spell it out, do you?

More later…