Apr 27 2015

Con or Bust auction items


I just now posted five items on the Con or Bust fundraising auction site.

I would put up some pictures here but — wow, I’m beat.  Spent the last couple of days doing this (which I do not regret, but: tired now).

So, just pop on over to Con or Bust to see, and possibly bid!

They are:

A copy of the Brit edition of The Steerswoman.

A nother copy of the Brit edition of The Steerswoman, but with a map of Rowan’s world, printed on handmade paper personally made by me and my personal hands.

A copy of The Lost Steersman.

A copy of The Lost Steersman but with a little hand-bound blank journal containing pages of handmade paper, which were recycled from old printout drafts of The Lost Steersman. I intentionally left some shreds of text visible, as decorative elements, and there’s a little snail on the cover, edged in gold, in honor of the Little Snails.

A hand-bound blank journal that I’ve decided to call “The Cloud Journal”.

I might add some enticing photos here later, but right now: Must. Sleep.