Dec 10 2010

My week in Limbo. Plus: Happy Birthday Sabine


Could not take Sabine out for a birthday dinner and movie yesterday, as I’ve been down all week with some craptacular cold/flu thing. Despite which, I had to drag myself to work every day, having zero paid days off left for this year… So, basically, this week vanished into limbo.  

Sabine’s also coming down with this whatever-it-is.

So instead of going out on her birthday, we had Chinese take-out and (speaking of limbo) watched Inception!  Good choice.

Then, in a neat example of synchronicity, this morning Chad Orzel’s blog pointed me to a video of the four levels of Inception, synced up with each other.

Jul 25 2010

A blog and a movie


Young Gabriel Gill, son of my pal and fellow author Geary Gravel, has started up a blog, festooned with his remarkable illustrations.

gabriel's front page

I’m hoping he’ll add some of his prose work as well.

But I must admit to being jealous that he has recently been to both Animation Camp and Graphic Novel Camp.  They did not have any such things when I was 13!

Of course, if they had, I doubt my parents would have understood the extreme importance of my attending them.

Come to think of it…. there were no graphic novels when I was 13.  Only comics. Yes, I’m that old.

In other news: Go see Inception.  I won’t post any spoilers (yet).  But I will say that it was brilliantly written, brilliantly executed.   I’ll say more at a slightly later date.

Sigh.  Must turn in soon, to be awake for the DayJob tomorrow.

But I will play some guitar first, so as not to forget that I’m capable of doing so.

not a 1971 gibson hummingbird custom.  just not.