A blog and a movie


Young Gabriel Gill, son of my pal and fellow author Geary Gravel, has started up a blog, festooned with his remarkable illustrations.

gabriel's front page

I’m hoping he’ll add some of his prose work as well.

But I must admit to being jealous that he has recently been to both Animation Camp and Graphic Novel Camp.  They did not have any such things when I was 13!

Of course, if they had, I doubt my parents would have understood the extreme importance of my attending them.

Come to think of it…. there were no graphic novels when I was 13.  Only comics. Yes, I’m that old.

In other news: Go see Inception.  I won’t post any spoilers (yet).  But I will say that it was brilliantly written, brilliantly executed.   I’ll say more at a slightly later date.

Sigh.  Must turn in soon, to be awake for the DayJob tomorrow.

But I will play some guitar first, so as not to forget that I’m capable of doing so.

not a 1971 gibson hummingbird custom.  just not.

4 Responses to “A blog and a movie”

  • Gabe Says:

    Thank you for the nod! Glad you like my work and hope you enjoyed Inception (I loved it.)
    I will be posting much of my prose work, many comics, and perhaps some poetry on my blog. I find art easy to share, writing a little harder, and poetry difficult, because my poems are little cross-sections of me and that’s a lot to put out to the world…

    Thank you!


  • Jen Johnson Says:

    Hello Inception fan, I’m a fan of yours. Looking ever so forward to the next installment in the Steerswoman saga – Jen in Belgium

    • Rosemary Says:

      Jen —

      Hello in Belgium!

      Yes, I loved Inception — also Chris Nolan’s other films: Memento, and The Prestige especially.

      Everyone talks about the great special effects in the Inception, but what I loved best is the writing. It’s so well-written.