Jul 7 2010

For your edification…


Too busy to post much of anything at the moment. Trying to write books, here!

But I include, for your viewing pleasure and possible puzzlement, 3 collages.

When Ann Zeddies, Geary Gravel, and I get together for a weekend, as we did a couple of weeks ago, it is traditional for us to create collages. Usually starting late at night, and proceeding until the wee hours of the morning. Fueled by creative frenzy, coffee, and champagne. In previous years, also chocolate, but we cut that out this year.


1. grab some magazines
2. rip out any image or phrase that appeals to you, even if you don’t know why. In fact, especially if you don’t know why.
3. Assemble into a single image.

The point is to not begin with any particular design in mind — don’t pick elements in order to make a statement; pick elements you like, and find out what statement is implied. The result can sometimes be lovely, sometimes disturbing, but often illuminating.


Click to embiggen

And they did say it was okay to post these (I asked to make certain), from:

Mr. Gravel:

collage 2010 GG

and Ann:

the other copy of this one had no glare, but was blurry!

Okay, I’ve spent too much time on this post — back to writing!

Jul 7 2010



I’ve been quiet, because I’ve been slogging away at The Next Book. And poking at a couple of other writing projects that I have in mind.

Note: amount of slog and amount of words actually produced are not proportionate to each other. Much slogging, little wordage.

But that was expected (by me, anyway), and the wordage side of the ratio is increasing. Also as expected.

Still have a week to go on my week off.

The heat is absolutely dreadful, of course, as I’m sure you’ve read in every other blog that you follow. But I’ve gone back to my favorite time to write — between 10PM and 4AM. It’s actually quite cool at the moment.

I’ve been making sure to schedule break, else my entire body seizes up. Long term, not a good thing…

On one break I wandered around the back lawn of the condo complex and spotted both Jupiter and the rising crescent moon. So lovely.

And THEN I remembered my binoculars, and went and got ’em.

You can see the moons of Jupiter quite clearly with decent binoculars, and there they were: three on one side, one on the other. It always astonishes me that we can see that so easily. (In this picture you can see them if you click on the image to magnify it a bit — not the same configuration, but a similar effect.)

Okay, enough dallying– back to work!