Aug 26 2011



Contrary to appearances, I do not spend all my time in coffee shops.

If only that were true!

The key to surviving the crappy local Starbucks is to score an outside seat. Inside is just too grim.

Plus: you can eavesdrop on everyone's conversations.

Plus: you can eavesdrop on everyone's conversations.

Just trying to get some writing in before hitting the gym.

We’re all battening down for Irene… It’s quite a weird sensation, in that the sky is perfectly clear and perfectly blue, and all around me the talk is all of power outages, canned food, and filling your bathtub with water Just In Case. Plus: The stores are putting signs out front saying “NO C BATTERIES”.

Can be used as actual money.

Can be used as actual money.

Desperately trying to get back the momentum I had on The Seekrit Project, which was soaring and is now but limping.

Frankly, folks, I’m hoping that the town where my DayJob is located will have a power outage, while my actual own town does not! So I can have some days off! With electricity, because my laptop batteries just won’t last the whole weekend… yeah, I know they won’t pay us for days not worked, but you know what? My bank account is bulging with overtime pay! I can afford unpaid days off!

So, you know, Irene? What say?