Nov 9 2010

Mugged by winter!


There we all were, just minding our own business when — Pow!

Big clumps of snow falling from the sky — not flakes, but clumps.

High winds!

Inch and a half of pure slush on the roads, and everyone slip-sliding along.

Me with hills and backroads to traverse getting to work. Plus: semi-bald tires.

So I called in to work and told them I had to buy snow-tires RIGHT NOW. Fortunately, my boss was not in yet, as he delayed by the blizzard conditions. I left a message.

3 hours later: new snow tires. “Oh, yeah,” says the guy at Town Fair Tires, “we were expecting this. We expected it Saturday.”

Big surprise to me.

When I got to work the snow had stopped falling….

By noon, all gone...

By 3pm, all gone…

In other news: Justin St. Pierre from the DayJob tweaked my car enough to get it through the winter. I do not need to spend $3K+ to get it fixed. I spent .5K for new front axles, plus clutch tweaking. Another .5K for the tires, and I’m ready to roll!