May 10 2013

Three days lying on the couch in a drugged daze watching stupid stuff on TV


Got home from my week-long retreat, went back to the DayJob on Tuesday, and the very next day got hit with a kidney stone attack.

A trip to the ER, and was sent home with some heavy-duty pain meds.

I HATE narcotics!  I get it that sometimes you have to have them.  But some people do it by choice! Why on earth would  people take this stuff voluntarily?

1.  It makes me stupid.  I hate being stupid.

2.  It makes me dizzy.  How is that fun?

3.  It makes me nauseated.   (See 2.)

4. It makes me unable to do anything that I actually like doing.  I can only do stupid stuff.  (see 1.)

5.  It makes time vanish.  Ack!   I don’t have enough time in my life — who would want to lose actual entire days at a time?

Alas, all they can do for kidney stones is give you pain drugs so you don’t notice how awful you feel, and anti-nausea drugs, and anti-infection drugs.

It’s all over now, except for the after-affects of the actual drugs.   Said after-affects closely resembling a hangover on steroids.

Damn.   If I have to miss three days of DayJob, I’d really prefer to miss it in order to do something interesting and cool.

And to add insult to injury, I now have TWO weeks of DayJob to catch up on, instead of just one.   Which means that next week it’s overtime, overtime, overtime.

Plus: I haven’t even completely unpacked from my trip.  Which was a nice trip, by the way.  Glad to have done it.  Met many lizards.