Sep 17 2012

Safely ensconced at the library.


Today in the Biography section.

I’m surrounded by books, to whose siren song I shall not succumb!

Well, I feel I must acknowledge their presence…

Okay:  quote from random book pulled off random shelf:

” By the early 1840’s, power was already a key concept for Florence Nightingale.  She saw that, for all their many excellencies, the women she knew had no desire for power.  It did not occur to them to want it.   But she did want it and this made her different.  In the eyes of the world, it made her aberrant.”


-   Nightingales by Gillian Gill, pg 176

File me between N and O.

Damn, now that quote makes me want to read it! I had no idea Miss Nightingale was so transgressive.


Okay, back to work.