Feb 12 2013

The Wood-Gnome Book


The wood-gnomes noticed that the Steerswomen were always making books, and decided that they would do that, too.

Except, they didn’t know how to make paper.  So they stole some.

They knew that string was involved.   Luckily, they had some string.  They put it with the paper.

Then they added some hickory nuts, because hickory nuts are good and they wanted it to be a very good book.

Also, dried grass, because there was some.

And bark, and green moss.

One of them had an old silk ribbon, and thought it would look nice; and everyone agreed the book would look nice with a silk ribbon.

So the wood-gnomes took all the things to make a book, and put them in a pile.

They sat and watched for a while.

The things failed to become a book.

Then one of the wood-gnomes added a turtle, because Hey, look, I found a turtle!

The turtle didn’t help.

Then everyone got bored, forgot what they were doing, and wandered away.

Later, a steerswoman found the pile of things, and turned them into a book.

This is the book.


Well, I’ve finished my item for the Con or Bust auction and this is it — a  hand-bound blank book.

I’m pretty pleased by how it turned out.


The interior paper is handmade from recycled materials.    Although I treated the paper surface  for writing and drawing, it’s very rough-textured and quirky.   Works well with fountain pen and illustration pens, if you don’t mind a bumpy ride.   Colored pencil uses the texture to good advantage.   I have not tested for watercolor.


I include some loose scraps of the same paper,  to test your media before using.

Book size is 4.5 inches x 6 inches (11.43 cm x 15.24 cm).

The cover is textured art paper,  trimmed with frayed silk ribbon and carved wooden beads.    Endpapers are papyrus.


I include with this book: a sheet of the same handmade paper printed the little tale about the wood-gnomes (seen above,) and a copy of the British edition of The Steerswoman, in which we first meet the wood-gnomes.


I will ship anywhere in the world.     North America gets Priority Mail; other international will be via first class mail, which will take somewhat longer.


If you want to bid, head over to Con or Bust using this link– opening bid is $25.

And don’t forget to check out the items other people have contributed for auction!