Nov 5 2011

Seriously excellent Wind Horse!


I tried to get to the local store that might have a chance of carrying Wind Horse flags… but the whole town was blacked out all week from the storm.

So, Amazon to the rescue.

We hung the big ones outside

Wind Horse

There’s a whole Variety Pack, to cover all your Wind Horse needs.

We hung the big ones outside.

The tiny ones are good for putting in your office.

The tiny ones are good for putting in your office.

Now, let’s review:

Yes, I am an atheist.

No, I do not think that the Wind Horse will magically, mystically help me through my hard times. That would be religion. Which I don’t have.

But, like the people who put up the Wind Horse before climbing Mount Everest, I’m embarking on an extremely difficult task. I need all the determination I can muster.

By flying the Wind Horse, I’m declaring to myself that I intend to prevail. And I’m reminding myself of that commitment.

It is far too easy to allow a bad situation to become the norm, and to simply plod through your days, enduring. It becomes second nature — and then first nature.

I need to prevent that happening, and keep my focus on the goal (Take action to sort out the insane situation at work; continue to be creative even while it’s going on).

And that’s why the Wind Horse. It’s a declaration, and a reminder. It stands out from the white-noise visual background of my surroundings as something new, remarkable, and significant.

And I also have to admit (as a full-grown adult woman who used to be a twelve-year-old girl, just like every other twelve-year-old girl), that a part of me is going:

Did you say, HORSE?
Did you say, wait — WIND horse? As in, horse that FLIES?