Apr 16 2013

I spent yesterday completely offline…


…intentionally, so that I could get my writing and writing-related chores accomplished.

And so I did not hear anything about the Boston Marathon until my sister came home from work, filled with misery at the events.   Then I looked up the news online.

Dammit, I used to live in Boston (well, Dorchester, technically).  I’ve walked up and down Boylston Street  any number of times, rain & shine.    That’s the Boston Public Library, right there, across from the first bomb.

And — the Marathon?   Is there any more harmless tradition in the world?  It has no political point, makes no statement about anything other than health, achievement, and fun.

Which, to me, proves that this was no political act.

So, even if it turns out that the person or persons responsible try to claim some political justification — don’t believe them.

This was done in order to hurt innocent people.