Apr 21 2013

Frequently asked questions


Q: Since you’re offering sample chapters in ebook format — does that mean that electronic versions of the full books will be available?

A: Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what it means.

Q: !

A: I know!

Q: When?

A: Give it a couple of months, at least… because:

  1. we’re doing it ourselves (“we” being me and Sabine, with help from our pal Brian and possibly others yet to be recruited), and
  2. we have day-jobs (except Brian who is luxuriously retired),  and so, alas, available time is limited, and
  3. other associated plans are afoot, which have their own timelines and everything has to synchronize properly.

Q: Wouldn’t it be faster if you had a professional service do all the work?

A:  Yes, but:

  1. We are techno-nerds.   We know how to do it!
  2. We are techno-nerds.   For us, this is fun and interesting!
  3. See #3, above.
  4. I wouldn’t mind saving the money, since my new 4-day DayJob week (which I am still loving!)  comes with appropriately reduced weekly income.

Q: Does this mean that book 5 is nearly done?

A: Um, sorry, no.   Much work remains to be done in the actual writing of the actual 5th book.   Although I am in fact working on it actively, I hesitate to provide any timeline for it at this point.

Q.  Damn.

A: Not actually a question.


Any other Q’s?