Jan 20 2012

Picked the wrong day and time to visit the Monkey…


I thought I’d wander over (translation: get in my car and drive) to the Funky Monkey to have some coffee and do some contemplative writing and analyzing, and all. Alas — Tonight’s Comedy Night, and they were rearranging all of the furniture to make room for the extra chairs and tables they’ll need in a couple of hours, and they also had a rather loud jazz cd on in the background. To be heard over the dragging of chairs, etc.

I’ve had the week off from the evil DayJob, and I’ve been hunkering down and trying to ignore everything else but writing… but I had to get to the gym at some point, so I thought I’d tempt myself with a visit to the Monkey first.

Could be worse -- I could be at work.

Could be worse -- I could be at work.

Meanwhile: looks like SOPA is dead, and PIPA is in retreat.

But just in case, here’s Clay Shirky explaining, at which he is so very excellent:

[update! Users of iPad, iPod, and people reading through an RSS reader can’t see Clay, above, because it’s Flash!  They just get a blank space! Oh, noes! You’ll just have to go to the actual site through this link.]

Okay, now they’re vacuuming. That’s enough, thank you, Monkeyites.