Dec 26 2010

And the snow rolls in…


I had a lovely Xmas, thank you, and hope you did, as well.

My lovely Xmas featured mainly focusing on writing. Sabine has gone up to cat-sit for some friends in New Hampshire, leaving me all on my own with the whole house to roam in, with no now-I’m-writing/now-I’m-not barriers whatsoever. This, to me , is heaven.

I got a lot done! Can’t discuss the details, of course. But I did default to my 8PM to 4AM favorite and most productive creative hours. Love it.

Alas, back to the DayJob tomorrow. But on the upside, on Thursday after work I drive up to New Hampshire myself where Sabine and I will do our gift-giving on New Year’s, with pals Brian and Mary Ann. At their amazing house equipped with rapscallion cat…

Rarely-seen sleep mode.

Rarely-seen sleep mode.

It’s like having two Christmases!

Meanwhile, back at Mondo Condo, the imminent snow has brought rarely seen visitors to the heated bird bath and the feeder.

Like the Red-Breasted Nuthatch, some sort of wren, and this gal:

I defend against all comers!

Yes, it’s a squirrel, but it’s a red squirrel. Being smaller and daintier than the honkin’ great gray squirrels. And weighing less. And thus not tripping the automatic shut-the-feeder bar. Allowing her to stretch out full length across the entire feeder, thus preventing everyone else from getting any food at all. Until I chased her away.

So everyone had an Xmas dinner that could not be beat.

I hope that your holiday was as peaceful, joyful, and delightful as mine.