Feb 11 2017

Website is stable once more.


Turned out that a bit of updating that didn’t happen automatically had to be taken care of.  My wonderful sister went ahead and took care of it, while I was still trying to decide when to fit it in to my busy schedule.   All is well now.

The snow storm took a serious bite out of my week.  I could not get to my office!   I had to stay home and deal with moving cars for the plow guy, and shoveling out the basement door, which is basically my escape route if the house burns down.  It’s good to have that cleared out.   And then a couple of days of early-rising — I feel sort of off-balance and dithery.  And the low barometric pressure makes my ears pop; I feel like I’m in a descending airplane.

The Genrettes meeting was pushed back to this weekend, and now they’re predicting more snow for Sunday!   I fear there may be yet another delay.   Aside from being in the hotseat for this session, to which I actually look forward,  I just want to see Laurie & Delia!  But getting to New Haven is  a haul for both of them; bad weather would make it that much worse.  I’ll just have to hope for the best, and see what transpires.





Feb 6 2016

More rendezvous weather.


After last week’s one-day blizzard, we went right back to temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s all week (that’s Farenheit; for the rest of the world, 5 to 10 Celsius).  That’s sweater weather!  (Or if you’re a Brit, jumper weather! And if you’re German, Pulli-Wetter!)  Everything melted.  It was lovely.

And then today, this:


That's about eight inches.

That’s about eight inches.

I was itching to get to the office, having missed the previous day due to some needed chores.   I’d just about given up when the sun came out, and the snow left on the roads melted, so I just popped right over.  Everything was clean and pretty and shiny.

Local branch of the Mighty Quinnipiac.

Local branch of the Mighty Quinnipiac.

And now, past midnight, they’re telling me that the snow that melted on the roads is going to freeze, and it’ll be black ice as I go home.  Well.  There’s an advantage to being exactly two miles from home.

This weekend: More time at the writing office!  I like weekends here especially, because the building’s other tenants mostly stay home, or don’t stay long.  It’s quiet.  Plus, I can be noisy, if I like.

Also looking forward to hearing some live music from the Mendelssohn Choir, of which a pal of mine is a member.  They had to postpone their previous performance due last week’s blizzard.  I’m hoping the ice and snow issues resolve before I have to drive down to Fairfield in the evening.

Thanks to all for the map info and suggestions; some good ideas, and I’ll be mulling them over.

Meanwhile — Ack!  1AM. I’d better head home.



Nov 7 2012

Oh, good grief. Seriously?

I was NOT dressed for the cold!   And I had to shovel snow off my car!   With no gloves!

4PM out the front door at the DayJob

I just hope all my friends and favorite people who live on the coast, or in New York, and in New Jersey won’t have it too rough after Sandy slammed them.  And I hope they all get their power back!  SOON.


I have electricity, heat, food, a car that runs and an actual roof over my head.  Thus puts me in the “extremely fortunate” category.

And it’s going to rain tomorrow… and get up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday.


I think Bel would call this Rendezvous weather.