Jul 18 2013

Go to my sister’s blog instead today.


I’m back from Readercon and the usual post-con gathering — but I’m wiped out from the heat-wave and driving hours and hours with no A/C in the car.  Yikes.

I’m so tired I can barely think.  Plus: now I have to clean up the shambles I left the house in when I rushed out the door on Friday.

I am too brain-dead to post an actual post….

So, you should check out my sister Sabine’s brand new blog:  Interstates and Interwebs!  This isn’t her first blog, but this one is focused on  following her on her amazing adventures as she drives completely across the country and back, while doing odd jobs she picks up on various apps  and websites.

She left last Thursday.   She’s already in South Dakota.  The B&B has dogs.

Bye.  Must go buy food now.


Dec 24 2012

real tree, artificial critters


Hope your holidays joyful and jolly, and warm and cozy.

What do you get your moose for xmas?

left to right: PInga the wolf; Toulouse LauMoose, Catalina Javelina


We are glad of our family, and of our pals (real and imaginary).

And of the chance to visit them –  and their excellent trees.

Friends with BIG house, BIG tree!  Plus: cat.

Cat is not present. That is, cat is present, but not a present.

And my best to all — especially my delightful, brilliant and amazing sister!





Oct 8 2010

Go hug your sibling, if you have one


That’s what I did, this morning, prompted by the news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt just lost his brother.

It reminded me how wonderful it is to have Sabine as my sister, and how dreadful it would be if I lost her. So I figured I should make sure, right then, that she knew.

It’s a joy and an honor to have her in my life.

If you have a sibling you care for, maybe you should go express your appreciation, while you still can…

left to right: Sabine, Rosy, Trigger

left to right: Sabine, Rosy, Trigger