Sep 28 2016

Undisclosed location


Longtime followers of my blog will realize that “undisclosed location” means that I’m on some sort of retreat, and won’t be posting for the duration.   I also will only answer emergency or super-important emails, resist all temptation to look at my ebook sales reports, will not check Facebook or Twitter, will not go to my favorite blogs, and will stay away from the TV.  (Except, I did watch the debate last night.)  I’ve been in stuck in fried-brain mode since, basically, Worldcon in August, and I have got to  get my actual brain back, and get some work done!

This retreat is sadly very short, because I had determined that I must go away Now! Instantly! This very moment if possible!  Also, I had no money.  So a kind friend with a house going unused for five days graciously permitted me to camp out here until Saturday morning.

It’s not very far away, but it’s far-ish.  It’s not entirely isolated, but I can isolate myself by staying put.  I know no one in this town, and so I have no social obligations.   And there’s less light pollution here, so I can see more stars than at home, including (very dimly) the Andromeda galaxy (my unofficial guage of starry-sky quality).  Starry skies are especially uplifting.

It’s also my tradition during retreats to blog only photos, no words.   Yet, here I am chatting away Okay, time to shut up, now.  Catch you on the flip-side.

Look closely to the right of that trunk in the center...

There was a deer here, just before I snapped this picture.


step one: just put it all on the board.

step one: just put it all on the board.