Aug 14 2010

Considerably improved, thank you

just a bandaid

just a bandaid

My fingers are still numb, which the Doc says will improve in the next few days. But I’ve reached the point where I can type fairly well, if not quickly, so — I’m back.

I’m off the DayJob for a bit, as that largely consists of massive amounts of rapid right-handed data entry.

I’ve spent the last 4 days all weak and wembly, but with not much pain, possibly because my entire right hand felt like one great block of balsa wood. (Yes, balsa. Not oak, not pine, balsa wood.) Plus, I took vicodin just in case it started hurting. I slept a lot. Also: watched a lot of DVDs


As a consolation present, I bought myself the entire 3 seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender (the animated series! NOT the movie)!

the genuine article

the genuine article

Ha. Managed to get Sabine hooked on ’em. (Seriously, if you’ve never seen these, and you ever get a chance, watch them — preferably from the beginning. They are so wonderful.) We went straight through Book One: Water in about 3 days. Sabine declared herself overloaded, so I’m going on to Book Two:Earth by myself.

So, just continuing to convalesce, while trying to get some writing done. Thinking more than typing — but thinking’s what’s needed at this point.