May 13 2014

Foiled again.


Short version: no biopsy after all.

They had me in exactly the same position in the MRI as I was for the attempt at needle localization on Friday.   And I was fine for a while, exactly as before.  And then, exactly the same thing happened: pain, then dizziness, faintness, sweats, blood pressure drop — otherwise known as a vasovagal response. They had to call a halt to everything and pull me out — AGAIN.

All this despite having intravenous drugs this time: one to calm me down, and another to block pain, and another to stop nausea (that’s Versed, Fentanyl, and Zofran).   I was awake, but just sort of happily drifting along in my thoughts, except for when the nurse in charge of the meds spoke to me to check on my state.  Then, rather suddenly, I wasn’t feeling so hot, I had a bad cramp in one arm, and the whole thing went south fast.

I am SO frustrated!

So I’ll be talking to my surgeon and oncologist tomorrow, and we’ll decide what to do next.   I figure they’ll just have to knock me completely out to get this done.   Or at least do the sort of “twilight sleep” they did when I had carpal tunnel release surgery, and when they installed my chemo port.

So very, VERY frustrated.

I want this over and done, so I can get the right surgery, and put it all behind me!


More later.