Oct 12 2010

If you like Harry Potter (and who, at some level, does not?)


Still “away”, as it were, off in Leave-Me-Alone-I’m-Writing land.

So here’s Item 2 in my series of Things to Do While I’m Gone:

Lucy Knisley is a comics artist who’s been blogging since she was 16. She’s now 25.

I love her blog — it’s a fascinating inside view of a creative woman making her own way through the world. Plus: comics.

Check out her blog, which is liberally interspersed with her illustrations.

And she just got a new roommate, fiber artist Nora Renick-Rinehart. They share a studio, which has its own excellent blog.

Being the age she is means that Lucy’s grown up with the Harry Potter series, and I must say that I think it’s done her some good. (I believe everyone absolutely should retain the love of their favorite novel series across their entire lives. Just sayin’.)

But here’s the point: a planned project by her and her roommate/studio mate.

[For some reason, the video itself won’t copy and imbed — you’ll just have to click and go there! You should do that. Seriously, the video is a hoot.]

I find this idea charming. And I suspect many of you would, too.

Like you, Libbey Walker. Yep, talkin’ to you, here. Ms. Following-Harry-Potter-All-Her-Life. That would be you.