From the deeps







Outa the dark, inta the dark, here we come, there we go.” — Gebby in The Lost Steersman

(images from the Deep Impact EPOXI probe of the nucleus of comet Hartley 2)

2 Responses to “From the deeps”

  • Jo Walton Says:

    Damn, I thought for a second that I was looking at the pictures Will and Rowan downloaded.

    (Well, Tolkien made the pages from the book of Marzubal. You might have.)

    • Rosemary Says:

      Jo —

      Ha! I’d like to have those images myself!

      But I find these comet pictures so lovely, so moving. Some versions have all the technical readouts along the edges removed, but I like them. Makes it all the more poignant, somehow.

      Some people might feel that the quote from Gebby is gloomy or even morbid, but I don’t think of it like that at all.

      Beauty in the coming and the going. Catch what you can.