Dec 10 2010

My week in Limbo. Plus: Happy Birthday Sabine


Could not take Sabine out for a birthday dinner and movie yesterday, as I’ve been down all week with some craptacular cold/flu thing. Despite which, I had to drag myself to work every day, having zero paid days off left for this year… So, basically, this week vanished into limbo.  

Sabine’s also coming down with this whatever-it-is.

So instead of going out on her birthday, we had Chinese take-out and (speaking of limbo) watched Inception!  Good choice.

Then, in a neat example of synchronicity, this morning Chad Orzel’s blog pointed me to a video of the four levels of Inception, synced up with each other.

Dec 5 2010

You need to see this video


Sabine pointed me to this poem by Katie Makkai.

You need to see this if you are a woman, or have a daughter, or know a woman, or know a girl, or have met a female human being at some point in your life, or have heard of female human beings.

Or are a man.

Or are any sort of human being of any description.

Or live on planet Earth.

Dec 4 2010

What I did the week after my vacation.


Worked at the DayJob.

Then, worked some more at the DayJob. Worked overtime.

Worked lots of overtime, since tasks assigned to me do not stop coming when I’m not there, and no one else does them while I’m gone. And if their execution is delayed too long, they explode.

Managed to get to the Funky Monkey exactly once, and managed to write some small amount… just enough to convince me I was on the right track. This was the high point of my week. Then, back to the grind.

Result: I basically feel like I’ve been hit with a hammer. Tired and frustrated…

But then Lee posted this comment which made me feel a whole lot better.

So, thanks, Lee — that was good stuff to hear!

My plan for next week: No More Overtime!

Dec 1 2010

Spotted on YouTube