Apr 2 2011

Hunkering down


I’m attempting to get a serious amount of writing down, which requires me hunkering down and pretty much ignoring everything else.

Except laundry.

And some music.

Okay, plus: I allowed myself to be briefly distracted by this video, which I found on the TED talks site (I always check there on the weekends).

It was so beautiful it made me cry, so I regret nothing!

“Puppets always have to try to be alive. In a way, that’s their Ur-story…. An actor has to struggle to die on stage; a puppet has to struggle to live.”

(The link at Ted.com has a slightly better quality, I think. Click here to go there.)
Now I want to see the show, “The War Horse”. Alas. Prices for Broadway plays are hair-raising, and not in the nice way.