Apr 27 2011

apparently, Amazon has a blog feed on their author pages


This I did not realize before.

A nice idea, as Amazon is probably where many people looking for me will start their search (although, in general, when looking for an author, it’s usually a good idea to start with www.thatauthor’sname.com).

Amazon’s feed starts with only the new posts, quite logically, and they suggest that authors repost any posts they want to show up on Amazon.

But alas, how boring for my steady blog-readers, to see the same damn stuff all over again!

So, I’m just going to post links to my favorite previous posts.

Because It Had to Be Done, containing my viral — well, nearly viral — okay, relatively famous poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Facebook” (See if you can spot the duplicated number.)

Jack Hardy and three tons of bricks On the passing of an artist who had a profound effect on my early creative life.

Sweet! Wherein I show my geek colors at my very-mundane DayJob, to the bemusement of onlookers. (Be sure to check the hovertext on all photos — put your cursor on the photo, and read the secret message that pops up.)

That’s enough for starters… must head off to said mundane day job.

(I wonder if my regular blog-readers have any suggestions as to what older posts I should link to for the Amazon feed?)